"Once I set my mind on something I have to accomplish it. Ten years ago I was one and a half inch shorter than I am today. Pure will-power."
Jack Donaghy

"Jack-Tor" is the fifth episode of season one of the comedy series 30 Rock. It was directed by Don Scardino and written by Robert Carlock. It first aired on NBC on Thursday, November 16th, 2006. In this episode, Jack endorses product integration on TGS with Tracy Jordan and instructs the writing crew to include GE products in their comedy sketches. To promote this new branding technique, Jack agrees to explore any potential he might have as an actor and star in one of the sketches. Meanwhile, Liz Lemon suspects that Tracy Jordan might be illiterate and believes this might be why he always improvises his roles rather than reading scripts or cue cards.

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  • Production code number: 105

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  • Pete Hornberger: So, first you thought he was illiterate and now you think he's lazy? Liz, you are racist.
  • Liz Lemon: No, Tracy took advantage of my white guilt, which is supposed to be used only for good, like over-tipping and supporting Barack Obama.


  • Tracy Jordan: I can't read, Liz Lemon! My shameful secret is out. Now you know why I'm always running into the ladies' bathroom. I can't read! I sign my name with an X! I once tried to make mashed potatoes with laundry detergent! I think I voted for Nader! Nader!


  • Liz Lemon: Look at the educational system in this country. We spend all this money in Iraq, but meanwhile our inner-city graduation rates are lower than they are in the Sudan.
  • Pete Hornberger: That doesn't sound right.
  • Liz Lemon: Maybe it was Sweden. Maybe it was teen pregnancy. I gotta read more.

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