3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 1
3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1
Series: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Format: Region 1; Region 2; Region 4
Season: 1
Episodes: 20
Discs: 4
Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Released: July 6th, 2004 (R1)
May 17th, 2004 (R2)
November 9th, 2005 (R4)
Next: Season 2

3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 1 collects all twenty episodes of the first season of the hit comedy series 3rd Rock from the Sun on a four-disc boxset DVD collection. The collection was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment and first released in Region 2 format on May 17th, 2004. It was released in Region 1 format on July 6th, 2005 and Region 4 format on November 9th, 2005.

Product decription Edit

3rd Rock from the Sun, which has earned 31 Emmy nominations,is an inspired half-hour comedy series farcically dealing with the human condition. It was created by Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner in association with Carsey-Werner Productions, LLC for NBC-TV. Set in the fictional city of Rutherford, Ohio, this gentle-hearted series stars John Lithgow as the High Commander of an investigative team sent to Earth on a mission to learn everything about humans and their so-called advanced cilvilization.

Episodes Edit

"Brains and Eggs"
"Post-Nasal Dick"
"Dick's First Birthday"
"Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus"
"Dick, Smoker"
"Green-Eyed Dick"
"Lonely Dick"
"Body & Soul & Dick"
"Truth or Dick"
"The Art of Dick"
"Frozen Dick"
"Angry Dick"
"The Dicks They Are A-Changin'"
"I Enjoy Being a Dick"
"Dick Like Me"
"Assault With a Deadly Dick"
"Father Knows Dick"
"Selfish Dick"
"See Dick Run"

Notes Edit

  • ASIN: B0007WQGVI
  • Total running time: 442 minutes.

Special features Edit

Bonus features for this volume are included on disc four. Extras include highlights from the first season, a behind-the-scenes featurette, television spots, cast and crew interviews, teleplays, DVD-ROM features and more.

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