4Kids TV (often stylized as "4K!DS TV" and originally known as FoxBox from 2002 to 2005) is the name of a former television programming block that aired Saturday mornings on the Fox Broadcasting Company and Internet-based video on demand children's network. The block was part of the Fox network schedule, although it was syndicated to other broadcast television stations in certain markets. 4Kids TV was created out of a four-year agreement reached in January 2002 between 4Kids Entertainment and Fox to lease the network's Saturday morning programming lineup.[1

4Kids TV
Type Online network (2008–2012) Saturday morning cartoon block (2002–2008)

On-demand channel (2008–2012)

Country  United States
Availability National International
Slogan What's Inside the Fox Box (2002–2003) The FoxBox Rocks (2003–2005)

The Place to Be (2005–2006) The Game Station (2007–2008)

Owner 4Kids Entertainment/News Corporation (television)/STAR TV (Asia)
Key people Alfred R. Kahn
Launch date September 14, 2002 (television; original launch as FoxBox) January 22, 2005 (relaunch; as 4Kids TV)
Dissolved December 27, 2008 (television)
Former names FoxBox (2002–2005)
Former affiliations Fox
Notable voice actors included:•
Sebastian Arcleus

• Amy Birnbaum • Maddie Blaustein (deceased) • Rebecca Honig (also credited as Rebecca Handler) • • Wayne Grayson • DAN GREEN! • Jason Griffith (who is also credited under J. Griff and Adam Caroleson) • Megan Hollingshead (now works in L.A. since the mid 2000s) • Bella Hudson • Tara Jayne (a.k.a. Tara Sands) • Ted Lewis • Rachael Lillis (now resides in L.A. since 2013) • Lisa Ortiz • Amy Palant • Mike Pollock • Andrew Rannells • Sam Riegel (now works in L.A. since the mid/late 2000s) • Sean Schemmel (now resides and works in L.A. since 2013) • Michael Sinterniklaas • Rebecca Soler • Eric Stuart • Veronica Taylor (now lives and works in L.A. since 2013/2014) • Marc Thompson • Kerry Williams • David Wills • Oliver Wyman (a.k.a. Pete Zarustica) • Jimmy Zoppi (a.k.a. James Carter Cathcart or Billy Beach)

Properties that had been acquired and/or produced by 4Kids include:• Back to the Future: The Animated Series • Bratz • Chaotic • Dinosaur King • Funky Cops • Futari wa Pretty Cure (license eventually dropped because they couldn't get a TV deal) • F-Zero: GP Legend • G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 • GoGoRiki • Huntik: Secrets and Seekers (Broadcasting/Marketing only) • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (Broadcasting/Marketing only) • Kirby - Right Back At Ya! • Mew Mew Power • Magical Do Re Mi • One Piece (2004-2007. License revoked by Toei, picked up by FUNimation) • Pokémon (1998-2006; license currently owned by The Pokémon Company International (formerly Pokémon USA), with distribution by VIZ Media) • Rocket Monkeys (Marketing only) • Shaman King • Sonic X (2003-2012; proved popular enough in America that new episodes were produced even after the show's cancellation in Japan; license was transferred to Saban Brands, but is now currently owned by TMS Entertainment) • Tai Chi Chasers • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 series) (rights revoked by Mirage and given to Nickelodeon as part of the sale of the franchise) • Ultimate Muscle (did remarkably well, since the goofy voice acting and hurricane of puns fit the tone of the show perfectly; 4Kids even paid to have new episodes made. Though ironically enough it was one of the shows they never rerun on other blocks outside of Fox Box.) • Viva Pinata (Co-produced with Microsoft so technically one of their few original creations.) • Winx Club (until 2010; license was revoked and picked up by Nickelodeon) • WMAC Masters • Yu-Gi-Oh! (license revoked by TV Tokyo, reinstated by court order, then later sold to Konami.)◦ Yu-Gi-Oh! ◦ Yu-Gi-Oh! GX ◦ Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds ◦ Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL

In addition, when 4Kids ran the "FoxBox" block, their shows also included (in addition to some of the titles above):• The Cramp Twins • Cubix: Robots for Everyone • Fighting Foodons

Some of the biggest shows listed above were involved in a TV crossover called "The Fight For The Fox Box."