Keri Russell made her big break from being known as a Mickey Mouse Club member as Felicity, which was one of the great shows of the same caliber as Dawson's Creek (I'm being totally serious). After Felicity, Keri took a few years off and then starred in Broadway plays. She was smart to play it safe and has since slowly made her way back to television and film. Her latest gig is the comedy series, Running Wilde, opposite Will Arnett.

Raven SymoneAlthough Raven got her start as the adorable Olivia on The Cosby Show, she did have a hit Disney Channel series a few years back called, That's So Raven. She was also a star of The Cheetah Girls (a Disney-created fictional all-girl singing group). Raven is currently working on her next album.

Ashley TisdaleImagine: a High School Musical alum who hasn't shown her naked body to the world via text. She was also acting pre-Disney in theater and on TV before she got her breakout role as Maddie on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. So she's had a nose job. Big deal. She's now a star of the WB series, Hellcats, trying to make Bring it On happen again.

Christina AguileraShe's another graduate of the Keri Russell/Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake/Ryan Gosling Mickey Mouse Club class. Christina went through a phase where she dressed like she hadn't showered in years. But that doesn't mean she was headed to rehab for it. She just wanted to express her "dirty" side. She has since cleaned up again and will be starring in the upcoming film Burlesque ... which I will go see and I will love it.

Hilary Duff is married! Did you know that?! She was also one of my favorite Disney Channel characters, Lizzie McGuire. Hilary was a lot like Lizzie: confused, awkward yet kind of cool and everyone kind of wanted to be like her. I think that helped her a lot with not becoming like Lindsay. She never really played a rebellious character (unless you count Cadet Kelly), so she never had means of knowing how to rebel.

Christy Carlson RomanoOnce you stop staring at the massive pouf, you'll realize this is Ren Stevens/the voice of Kim Possible. Christy Carlson Romano was truly a Disney Channel actress of all trades until she finally found her calling on Broadway. She played Belle in Beauty and the Beast and she had a quick stint in Avenue Q

.Selena GomezI should be biting my tongue for this one, but she's Demi Lovato's best friend. So if Selena was to stray from the pack of stars who've done well from themselves, it would have happened already, or right. Now. But seriously, Selena Gomez is already a UNICEF ambassador and a purity ring holder. Which, the latter doesn't mean much, except that she has values and tries her best to stick to them. And we'll probably be hearing her speak out for her friend Demi sometime soon and that will make us love her even more

.Fergie (a former Kids Incorporated star) has been through a crystal meth addiction and a failed all-girl group (Wild Orchid, anyone?). But what really puts her in this group with the go-getters and do-gooders is the fact that she got over it. She came clean about her past and is now incredibly successful, sober and happily married

.Jennifer Love Hewitt  was also a Kids Incorporated star who then transitioned to the (amazing) Fox drama series, Party of Five. Although her singing career went down the drain (and she keeps trying at it too), she focuses on her acting. Jennifer starred in the hit CBS series, The Ghost Whisperer, until it was cancelled in 2010. Although she's both loved and hated by many (for her personality), she's had no reported drug slip-ups or mental breakdowns.

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