9. The Grinning GhostsEdit

Ghosts that sing can’t be too awful and all they want to do is harmonize. Is walking around your garden cemetery late at night scary? Sure. But a few haunted busts that can carry a tune will definitely not harsh your mellow.

8. Shoeless JoeEdit


There is nothing frightening about the screen handsome ghost of a dead baseball player. All ol’ Shoeless Joe wants to do is have a catch and crank out a few home runs in the middle of a cornfield. Sounds pretty All-American to us.

7. Cyrus and StuartEdit


The least scary part of The Frighteners, these two ghosts helped Michael J. Fox scam a few folks out of some money. Any ghosts willing to help out a guy in the flesh can’t be scary at all. Plus, check out that awesome afro!

6. BeetleJuiceEdit


He’s the ghost with the most and all he wants to do is party. Did he try to make a living teen his bride? Does he carry around an ex-wife’s finger? Who can be sure? All we know is that he doesn’t take crap from anybody.

5. Casper the Friendly GhostEdit


His name is Casper the Friendly Ghost, for chrissakes. He just wants to be your pal. We would definitely love to know what he looked like when he was alive though. Dude’s got a weird shape.

4. SlimerEdit


Forget what you saw in the first Ghostbusters movie, Slimer is a fun dude who wants to play. If you ever watched the cartoon, you would know that Slimer helped Egon and the gang all the time and was as harmless as a butterfly. So what if he’s messy?

3. Muddlemore, The Funky PhantomEdit


Muddlemore and his cat, Boo, died in the Revolutionary War, only to be discovered in the '70s by some cool kids in a drag car who just wanted to solve mysteries. Pretty average stuff. Even though the cartoon was a rip-off of Scooby-Doo, The Funky Phantom was a goofy soul who just wanted to get down with his good self.

2. Sam WheatEdit


Sam Wheat of the movie Ghost is a sappy ghost who loves the Righteous Brothers and Molly. He’s a good ghost who is only bad to bad people. We also hear he is one hell of a dancer.

1. Yoda/Obi/AnakinEdit


Sure, they all died, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want peace in the universe for everybody. The forces of evil and darkness will always exist, but fortunately Anakin and Obi-Wan and Yoda mastered the Force enough to live in spirit forever (or at least three more movies).

What's the least scary ghost you've ever seen? Let me know at Twitter or in the comments below!

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