38 - "A Very Digi Christmas" The DigiDestined bring the partner Digimon of the old DigiDestined into the real world to celebrate Christmas with them, and then go to Ken's Christmas party, only to have the festivities cut short when Digimon appear in the real world!Perhaps the most controversial episode out of the entire Digimon series, "A Very Digi Christmas" breaks all the rules, and actually introduces REAL romance into the series. However, more fans maligned this occurrence than loved it, as the romance in question was "Sorato," the pairing of Sora and Matt. The romantic couplings of "Taiora" (Tai/Sora) and "Taito" (Tai/Matt) are both infinitely more popular than Sorato in the fan community, and this episode kicked up a serious fuss. This is, needless to say, the talking point of the episode. Some other stuff happens… Davis almost says "Strip Poker" in the dub (quite amazingly)… we get to hear the full version of "Turn Around" by Matt's band - Matt's voice actor, Michael Reisz, is quite the singer… we get to see the old Digimon Digivolve again… Oikawa's introduction is suitably spooky, and excellently done… uhm, and some other things happen. No one really cares… Sorato, man!

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