Alicia Spencer
American Horror Story 3x03 002
Alicia Spencer
Series: American Horror Story: Coven
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Relatives: Kyle Spencer [1]
Status: Deceased
Died: 2013
First: "The Replacements"
Actor: Mare Winningham

Alicia Spencer is a fictional character who played a minor role the TV anthology series American Horror Story. She was featured in the season three storyline, "Coven", and appeared in episode 3x03, "The Replacements". The character was played by actress Mare Winningham.

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When it comes to disreputable poor-white-trash, there ain't nobody that fits the bill quite like ole' Alicia Spencer. A forty-something single mother of one, Alicia lived in a small house in New Orleans, Louisiana where she spent her days smoking crack and making sweet love to her son down by the fire. Yes... her SON!

In October of 2013, Kyle was killed in a mystically-induced school bus crash. News of his death made Alicia even worse, so she did the one thing that a crack-ho in this predicament is wont to do - smoke more crack!

Fortunately for her, Kyle returned to her - albeit a little different than the boy she once knew. The witch responsible for his death to begin with, Madison Montgomery, collaborated with another teen witch named Zoe Benson to resurrect him. However, they Frankensteined the entire affair, using body parts from other accident victims to replace some of Kyle's extremities, including his ding dong!

As nothing more than a brainless reanimate, Kyle returned home much to his horny despicable mother's delight. Upon grabbing his junk, she immediately knew that something was wrong and that she was clearly gripping onto some other guy's joy stick. Even Kyle knew that this kind of behavior was considered bad form and he flew into a (literally) monstrous rage and beat his mother to death. And the world is grateful to him for his accomplishments. [2]

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