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Gordon Shumway, aka, ALF.

Alien refers to anything that is foreign from an established environment. In most cases, the term applies to either one of two different groups. In "real world" parameters, alien can be used to describe a person who either resides or is visiting a country other than the one they were born in. An individual residing in a country without going through the proper processes are illegal aliens and most governments tend to frown on these people.

The other, and decidedly more interesting term for alien, applies to critters from another planet. Also known as extraterrestrials, ALFs or ETs, these interplanetary visitors come in all shapes and sizes and dare I say it, multiple genders [shudder]. Television shows that showcase or include aliens from another planet or dimension fall into the science fiction genre.

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This is not an effort to create a complete, comprehensive list, so don't go apeshit trying to find every alien that has ever appeared in a TV show.

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