Atomic Betty (TV Series)Edit

Power of the Pharoah/And the Winner is... (2004)Edit

Full Cast & CrewEdit

Directed by Edit

Virginie Jallot
Ridd Sorensen
Mauro Casalese ... (supervising)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)Edit

Trevor Bentley ... (creator)
Mauro Casalese ... (creator)
Rob Davies ... (creator)
Kevin Gillis
Jackie May
Olaf Miller ... (creator)


[1] Len Carlson ... Minimus PU (voice)
[2] Catherine Disher ... Penelope (voice)
[3] Laurie Elliott ... Noah (voice)
[4] Colin Fox ... Supreme Overlord Maximus IQ (voice)
[5] Bruce Hunter ... Robot X-5 (voice)
[6] Tajja Isen ... Betty (voice)
[7] Patrick McKenna ... Dad (voice)
[8] Rick Miller ... Sparky
[9] Stephanie Morgenstern ... Megan (voice)
[10] Kristina Nicoll ... Iciclia (voice)
[11] Adrian Truss ... Admiral DeGill (voice)
[12] Jamie Watson ... Captain Chuck (voice)  

Michael D'Ascenzo Chip Osbourne/Dalton Osbourne     Peter Oldring Flunkin' Duncan Payne====Produced by ====

Philippe Alessandri ... executive producer
Trevor Bentley ... executive producer
Rob Davies ... producer
Kevin Gillis ... executive producer
Simone Halberstadt Harari ... executive producer
Steve Hecht ... executive producer
     Virginie Jallot    ... producer
Brent Kirnbauer ... line producer
Ira Levy ... executive producer
Nghia Nguyen          ... co-executive producer
Kirsten Scollie ... supervising producer
Stephanie Seifert ... line producer
Peter Williamson ... executive producer

Film Editing by Edit

Mauro Casalese

Production Management Edit

Stephanie Betts ... production manager
Krista Huot ... production manager

Art Department Edit

Mr. Niko ... storyboard artist
Pierre Varlan ... storyboard artist

Special Effects by Edit

Dennis de Koning ... special effects

Other crew Edit

Anna Fregonese ... story editor
Alex Galatis ... story editor
Mike Kubat ... story editor
Nathan Taflove ... logger

Characters*Betty Barrett


<link rel="stylesheet" href="" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> Retrieved from ""Categories:*Episodes

X-5 is unaffected by Maximus's Overloader despite being a machine.


QUOTES (4)Edit


Sparky: I'm an offcial Pharaoh-teen fan club member X-5: Which would make you what earthlings call; a nerd.


Maximus: (on being scared by the creature in the tomb) I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!


Minimus: But.. if I go down there, I'll perish! Maximus: You and your excuses..


Minimus: They're going to crash into the sun! Maximus: Oh, good, fireworks.


NOTES (4)Edit


Villains: Maximus and Icicla


Title pictures:

Power Of The Pharaoh: The pharaoh looking like he's about to attack And The Winner Is: Maximus staring at a trophy


Icicla also appears to be cured of her dependence on Montego berries to stay young & beautiful.


Second appearance of Icicla (but Dingleberry is nowhere in sight).




The trophy that Maximus is looking at in the title picture for And The Winner Is looks a lot like the Stanley Cup.

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