What Ever As If It's Time to Valley the Christmas Trees This Next Ho Ho Hoer is the Inventor Of Valley so Cute,Sexy and Rageable She Can Go From Clover To Bulma and Finally Christmas Us With Daphne Spankenheimer

Baker Aka Blue O'Hara,Vollmer,Taylor Hill,Lalainia Lindbjerg ,Monica Rial Jodi Forrest Jodie Forrest Dorothy Garrett Dorthy Garrett She might Be Best Known For Her Valley Voices From Totally Spies,Cardcaptors,X-men Evolution,Dragonball and Grandma Got Run over But She's Also a Christmas legend For Clover/others in 6 Totally Spies Episodes,the Beloved Iconic Family sister Daphne Spankenheimer in the Legendary Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer My favorite Movie Because Everything Kept Happening Like It Did When Dr Elmo Invented the Song Back in the 70's,the Good Acting by Veterans I Love,the Down Right Funny Comedy Parts She Also Did Work as a Set Dresser on Holiday Movies Like 12 Gifts of Christmas/The Flight Before Christmas under the name Taylor Jean

Andrea Baker Clover/others Totally Spies Episodes Ho-ho-ho-no/Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much/Ski Trip/Toying Around/Ice Man Cometh/Child's Play Maggie Blue O'Hara Daphne Spankenheimer Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Video) Taylor Jean 12 Gifts of Christmas/The Flight Before Christmas (TV Movie) (set dresser)

Here's The lines that Made Andrea A Christmas Legend as the Maggie O' Hara Daphne Spankenheimer:Adding to your Christmas wish list? . a computer nerd who still believes in santa, you’re so reality challenged Don't you want to save the forest? Nobody gets a tree anymore,it's not cool the only one Who believes in santa is you If Santa goes to jail, it’ll be the end of Christmas. now I'm Not Saying Her Maggie Stuff is Her best Valleyism But X-men Evolution Was Her Best of that Alias But Her Greatest Sexiest,Cutest,ect is Her legendary Work on Totally Spies as Colver and others Followed By Dragonballer Bulma Briefs

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