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Published on 07-22-2014 11:37 AM0 Comments  July has been busy with to back to back conventions every weekend, having to travel to and fro from London to up north one often has to make a choice on which con to attend out of the many. If you missed out on LAGC let me fill you in on all the fun opportunities you missed out on and the unique events they held at the Rocket Complex.Their fame for bringing to the UK top voice actors i n the past included David Vincent, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Caitlin Glass and this year was no different. They brought over Maggie Blue O'Hara all the way from Hong Kong for her first ever Convention. That's right con virgin, Maggie, became the biggest highlight of the con. Anime fans would know her as the voice of Bulma from Dragon Ball, Madison for Cardcaptors or Kitty Pride from X-men Evolution. Maggie joined LAGC everyday with her Q&A, signing and walking around the convention. Fancy doing some Karaoke with your favourite childhood character? She happily took part in photoshoots - a new addition tot he LAGC progam, photos with the celebrities where any one cosplaying from their anime series can have professional photos for use on the Anime League/LAGC/AL-Con social networks for advertising and a nice keepsake. Myself as femme Gohan and Chiquitita Cosplay as Bunny Bulma absolutely loved taking part and Maggie was more than happy to tkae selfies with us too.I spoke to the head of press at the LAGC, Becca Moriarty for more information on which voice actors they invite to the events: "We choose the VA based on the characters that they have voiced and whether they have visited the UK before, we love getting old favourites over again and again but its great bringing something new, for instance Maggie has never even been to a con before! We hope to continue to bring new faces to cons."If gaming is your thing then going to the 16 Bit King's area to check out Indie Dev games or the tourneys was a must have experience. I was surprised to see my very own friends win prizes from Turtle Beach headsets to cash prizes in League of Legend, Smash, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Yu Gi Oh. You don't have to be a professional or need a rank, come play casuals or enter a tourney with no entrance fees.The cosplay auction held for Games Aid charity saw an assortment of attendees, cosplayers and staff selling themselves for charity. For two hours of your time you could raise money for a good cause. Bids were from £5 to the highest which was £145 for our very on LAGC staff member Pippa, thanks for participating ! It was all good fun, posing and doing skits on stage to get the crowd's interest.The live music downstairs near the bar was fantastic from live dancing lessons from Scarlett Young to choreographed dancing from Himezawa (German cosplayer who participated in the ECG's). Also we had music from the fantastic Heroine Syndrome band singing a set from their upcoming album. Colors UK return to share their J-Rock music with us! Later on Himezawa DJ'es on behalf of J-popgo giving us some songs to unwind with like Pon Pon by Kyari Pamyu Pamyu.Some great additions to the merchandise stalls was selling a vast array of plushies from promotional Chappa Chupps Choopers to a rare Toadsworth dolls. They also had a range of jewelry and game/anime merchandise. The staff were selling the items at bargain prices on Sunday night. I'm in love with YY Kawaii's custom made phone covers, YY makes beautiful arrangements on a variety of phone covers to suit every taste from anime's including: Sailor Moon, Madoka, Pokemon, Black Butler, Fairy Tale, Attack on Titan to characters like Hello Kitty, Twin Stars, My Melody,Hatsune Miku, sweetie collaborations. If you can't find any you like email/instgram/tweet her with your fav characters, and colours. She has now expanded to deco on mirrors and trinket boxes. Fox sold handmade retro pillow covers including soot ball from My Neighbour Totoro and retro My Little Pony! Why not make your house decor as kawaii as your clothing? Check out her stuff on etsy:www.craftyfoxstore.etsy.comThe Kawaii Kollective was there repping the Alpaca love and some even wore Vivi hats from league of Legends. The lady running it knows how to mesh the cute and geeky together. get your mini alpacas online:www.thekawaiikollective.comCanime returned with some more amazing canvases, they also came prepared with some Dragon Ball designs with lots of customers bought to be signed by Maggie O Hara, even Maggie had a look at the stall. Feel free to send your own photos or designs for a custom canvas at competitive prices. has been the best LAGC I have attended so far, the stalls have been varied with comics, games, decoden, cakes, canvases, fashion attire, accessories, alpacas, retro pillowcases great merchandise to make everyone happy! The stage was always busy and there was a great atmosphere. I wish i didn't have work on Monday so i could've stayed longer !For more photos go to Aisha Anime's page.For more details on the next LAGC or Al-con in September go here:

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