An artificial human is a synthetic creation designed to resemble and or emulate the actions and appearance of human beings. Artificial humans who are constructed via advanced mechanized parts are called robots. Some artificial humans are constructed from varying organs of the deceased and brought to life via chemical processes or with a big zap of lightning. Some talented craftsman can create an artificial human by carving a wooden doll and wishing that it was a real boy.

Unlike imaginary friends or some other sort of figments of one's imagination, artificial humans are actual physical constructs

Doctor Who Edit

A disembodied alien hive race known as the Nestine Consciousness created a series of plastic host mannequin bodies called Autons, which they then used as physical vessels to carry out their plans on Earth. The original Autons were manufactured at Auto Plastics, Ltd. in Essex, England. By and large, Autons were mindless automatons, but there was one highly advanced Auton named Channing, who could speak, mimic emotion and was capable of minimal independent action.

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