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Atomic Betty
Atomic Betty
Title: Atomic Betty
Format: Animated
Running time: 22 min.
country: Canada
Network: Cartoon Network
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 78
Production company: Atomic Cartoons
Executive producers: Kevin Gillis; Nghia Nguyen; Trevor Bentley
Producers: Rob Davies
Principal cast: Taija Isen
Rick Miller
Bruce Hunter
Colin Fox
Len Carlson
Adrian Truss
Air dates
First aired: August 29th, 2004
Last aired: August 4th, 2008

Theme music composer Jaret Reddick aka Jack Lenz Kevin Gillis

Atomic Betty (Call Me Up)",

by Jennifer Hale

infact All the These Legendary Songs Are by Canadian actor-singer Jennifer Hale Best known for Voicing Cinderella and Spiderman's Black Cat and Cartoon Songs from Scooby Doo,Frozen,Witch,Winx Club,Totally Spies,Growing up Creepie,Grinch that Stole Christmas and Rankin and Bass Cartoons

Atomic Betty Theme Song" 2:25 2. "Supersonic Tronic Kinda Girl" 4:09 3. "Alien Ball (Do The Betty!)" 3:22 4. "Dog Star Sirius" 2:30 5. "A Feeling Called Love" 4:47 6. "Hold On" 3:53 7. "Back In Space" 2:01 8. "This Cat Is Coming After You" 3:19 9. "That's What I Do" 4:12 10. "Don't Surrender

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girl who dreams of space discovers she's an alien and a member of Galactic Guardians.


A single player video game based on the show was released in 2005. The show has referenced works like Star Wars, The Matrix, and Transformers.



Tajja Isen, 26


Colin Fox, 78


Len Carlson (1937-2006)