Audrey Elmer
Supernatural 4x08 006
Audrey Elmer
Series: Supernatural
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: Concrete, Washington
Status: Alive
Born: 1999 [1]
First: "Wishful Thinking"
Actor: Nicole Leduc

Audrey Elmer is a fictional child and a minor character from the CW Network television series Supernatural. Played by actress Nicole Leduc, she appeared in the eighth episode of season four, "Wishful Thinking".

Biography Edit

Audrey Elmer was a young girl from Concrete, Washington. Like other individuals in the small town, she was one of those who found her wishes becoming reality after dropping a coin into a wishing well at Lucky Chin's restaurant. Audrey wished that her teddy bear would come to life.

The teddy bear did in fact come to life, but found itself in the midst of an existential crisis at it adapted to the reality of the world. It broke into a liquor store and stole several bottles of alcohol as well as some pornographic magazines. Audrey had to take her wagon and return the stolen property with a note attached to them that said "sorry".

Sam and Dean Winchester came to Audrey's house after witnesses began reporting Bigfoot sightings (not realizing that what they were seeing was actually a life-sized teddy bear). They asked to see the bear and Audrey let them into her room. Shaken at seeing a fully grown talking teddy bear, Sam and Dean tried to coax Audrey into letting them examine it, stating that they were in fact Teddy Bear doctors and that her bear was suffering from the rare and dangerously contagious Lollipop disease.

Eventually, the Winchester boys were able to determine what was causing people's wishes to come true and put a stop to it. All of the wishes were reversed and Audrey was content in knowing that her teddy bear was back to normal (albeit it with a hole in the back of its head from where it tried to kill itself while still sentient). [2]

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