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Audrey Jensen
Scream 1x02 007
Audrey Jensen
Aliases: Ghostface
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Female
Notability: Main character
Occupation: Student
Location: Lakewood, California
Status: Alive
First: "Pilot"
Actor: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Audrey Jensen is a fictional high school student and one of the main characters from the MTV suspense series Scream. Played by actress Bex Taylor-Klaus, she was introduced in the pilot episode of the series.

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Audrey Jensen was a teenager high school student from Lakewood, California. She was a childhood friend of Emma Duval and attended school at George Washington High School. Audrey wrestled with her own sexuality, which often took her to dark places. During a time of vulnerability, she fell under the influence of a woman named Piper Shaw, and brought her to Lakewood. Piper began renting a room at the Crescent Palms Motel during her stay in Lakewood. Piper was secretly the half-sister of Emma and began committing a string of murders in town, forcing Audrey to act as her accomplice and blackmailing her into keeping her secret. Ultimately, Audrey was able to fight back against Piper and assisted Emma in putting her down once and for all, but kept her involvement with Piper a secret.

The following year, somebody learned about Audrey's connection to Piper and used this information to blackmail her even further. Threatening to expose her dark past, the killer tormented her via text messaging, threatening to expose incriminating video files implicating her in the death of a student named Jake Fitzgerald. Audrey's best friend, Noah Foster, became suspicious and eventually learned the truth.

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  • It was seemingly revealed at the end of the season one finale, "Revelations", that Audrey was an accomplice to Piper Shaw. This implies that it was Audrey who attacked the group in "In the Trenches", as Piper was present with the teens at that time.
    • However, it was revealed in season 2, episode Scream: Jeepers Creepers that she wasn't really helping Piper. She had brought Piper to Lakewood but didn't know she was the killer. She kept this a secret, knowing it could drive a wedge in her relationships with her friends.

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