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The Authority gate guard is a fictional vampire and a minor character featured on the HBO supernatural horror series True Blood. He was played by an unknown actor and appeared in the season six premiere episode, "Who Are You, Really?".

This unnamed Caucasian male was a guard for the Vampire Authority based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Following the fall of the Authority guardianship, surviving vampire prisoners made a desperate effort to escape from the facility, after Bill Compton was reborn as a power-mad monster. Jason Stackhouse, Nora Gainsborough, Pam De Beaufort and Jessica Hamby got separated from Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman and ran down a ramp leading outside the facility. The gate guard appeared on an upper level and opened fire on them. Jason Stackhouse returned fire, shooting the man in the head, causing him to explode. The gate guard's bloody remains rained down up Stackhouse. (TB: Who Are You, Really?)

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