Track listing[edit]Edit

...Baby One More Time – North American edition[120]






1. "...Baby One More Time" Max Martin Martin ·


2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" Jörgen Elofsson ·

Per Magnusson · 
David Kreuger · 

Magnusson ·

Kreuger · 

3. "Sometimes" Elofsson Magnusson ·

Kreuger · 

4. "Soda Pop" (duet with Mikey Bassie) Mikey Bassie ·

Eric Foster White
 White 3:20 

5. "Born to Make You Happy" Kristian Lundin ·

Andreas Carlsson
 Lundin 4:03 

6. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" White White 5:11 7. "I Will Be There" Martin ·


Martin ·


8. "I Will Still Love You" (duet with Don Philip) White White 4:02 9. "Thinkin' About You" Bassie ·

 White 3:35 

10. "E-Mail My Heart" White White 3:41 11. "The Beat Goes On" Sonny Bono ·


White ·

The All Seeing I[b]

Total length:


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[show]...Baby One More Time – Asian edition (bonus tracks)[122]

[show]...Baby One More Time – Australian and Japanese edition (bonus tracks)[123][124]

[show]...Baby One More Time – South Korean limited edition (bonus CD single)[125]

[show]...Baby One More Time – Singaporean limited edition (bonus CD single)[126]

NotesIn North America the album was issued as an Enhanced CD that allowed access to bonus videos, photos and more when inserted into a computer. The very first pressings of the album feature a hidden spoken message by Spears after "The Beat Goes On". In it, Spears thanks fans and promotes the then-upcoming Backstreet Boys album, Millennium with snippets of songs featured on the album.[23] ^a signifies a co-producer ^b signifies an additional producer ^c signifies a remixer

Credits and personnel[edit]Edit

Credits for ...Baby One More Time adapted from the album liner notes.[127]

Personnel Britney Spears – lead vocals, background vocals and main artist Mikey Bassie – composer, guest vocals Sonny Bono – composer Andreas Carlsson – composer, background vocals Jörgen Elofsson – composer Nikki Gregoroff – background vocals Nana Hedin – background vocals Andy Hess – bass David Krueger – composer Tomas Lindberg – bass Kristian Lundin – composer Per Magnusson – composer, keyboards Max Martin – composer, keyboards, background vocals Andrew McIntyre – electric guitar Dan Petty – acoustic guitar, electric guitar Doug Petty – keyboards Don Philip – guest vocals Aleese Simmons – background vocals Eric Foster White – bass, composer, electric guitar, keyboards Jason Blume – composer Steve Diamond – composer

ProductionCharles McCrorey – assistant engineer

Chris Trevett – sound engineer, audio mixing Daniel Boom – sound engineer David Kreuger – producer Dean Honer – producer Denniz Pop – producer DJ Parrot – producer Eric Foster White – producer, sound engineer, audio mixing, drum programming, arrangement Jason Buckler – producer Jimmy Bralower – drum programming Kristian Lundin – producer Max Martin – producer, sound engineer, audio mixing, programming Per Magnusson – producer, programming Rami Yacoub – producer Tim Latham – sound engineer, audio mixing Tom Coyne – audio mastering DesignAlbert Sanchez – photography Jackie Murphy – art direction, design Lisa Peardon – photography Larry Busacca – photography Timothy White – photography