Baby talk is a simplified form of language used by adults when speaking to babies.Made Famous and Legendary By Alyssa Milano Woman Of 1000 Infant Voices Phoebe Halliwell ,Slimer From Ghostbusters and Probally Lots of Young Digimons But I Don't Know Which Ones She Did in the Hollywood Version and other Voices

Baby talk may also refer to:

Speech of babies[edit] Babbling, a stage where an infant utters sounds of language, but not yet any recognizable words Baby language, the language of babies Infantile speech, a speech disorder

Media and entertainment[edit] Babytalk (magazine), an American magazine targeted at new parents Baby Talk (TV series), a 1991 American sitcom "Baby Talk" (Jan and Dean song), 1959 "Baby Talk" (Alisha song), 1986 "Baby Talk" (How I Met Your Mother), a 2010 sixth-season episode How I Met Your Mother

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