A bank teller is someone who works at a bank. They cash your welfare checks, process your deposits and hit the panic button whenever some would-be thief waves a gun in their face.

In September of 1999, a Terminator from the year 2027 designated Cameron Phillips brought Sarah Connor and her son John Connor here so they could mount a defense against a pursuing T-888 Terminator designated Cromartie. Cameron went through the motions of a staging a bank robbery, forcing the teller to bring the three of them to the vault and to lock them all inside. [1]

In a different set of circumstances, two bank robbers named Benjamin Pollack and Claire Weiss went into a bank in New York City armed with alien Chitauri weaponry and begin firing, taking careful measure not to injure anyone, including the bank tellers. [2]

In Central City, a criminal named Clyde Mardon and robbed a bank and terrified the young bank teller behind the counter with his newly-generated weather control powers. [3]

References Edit

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