A batarang is a fictional weapon featured in the Batman multimedia franchise. It is the most popularly known implement in Batman's crime-fighting arsenal and has become a staple of stories relating to the character. The batarang has appeared in nearly every iteration of the Batman mythos.

A batarang is a one-handed bladed throwing weapon. It is used primarily by Batman, who keeps several collapsible batarangs inside of special housings in his utility belt. Other members of the "bat family" who also use batarangs include Robin, Batgirl and others. Batarangs are functionally similar to throwing darts but for the fact that they are shaped like bats. They are ideal for pinning or tripping up opponents, and may also be used to similar extent when attached to the batline.

Examples of use Edit

Batman: The Animated Series Edit

Robin threw a few batarangs at a car full of thugs who had tried to gun down deputy police commissioner Gil Mason. [1]

References Edit

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