Batman (1966) 1x02 011
Category: Headquarters
Continent: North America
City: Gotham City
Locale: Wayne Manor
Residents: Batman; Robin; Alfred; Bats
Notable apperances: Batman
1st appearance: "Hi Diddle Riddle"

The Batcave is a fictional location featured in the Batman multimedia franchise. As a vital setting and base of operations for the character of Batman, it has appeared in nearly every iteration of the Batman franchise. Although the concept of the Batcave was first conceived by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane, it wasn't until the 1943 Batman serial that the "Bat's Cave" was first introduced. This notion was later incorporated into the comic book titles by DC Comics and has remained a staple of Batman-lore ever since.

The Batcave is located underground beneath Wayne Manor, which is owned by the Wayne family. Although only the core cavern is every really shown, the cave itself is quite vast and extends throughout the entirety of the Wayne property.

Batman (1966) Edit

The Batcave serves as the headquarters and base of operations for Batman and his various partners and sidekicks. It includes an immense computer array, and houses hangar bays for various vehicles including the Batmobile. In the 1966 Batman television series, access to the Batcave from Wayne Manor was accomplished via two Bat-poles, which were concealed behind a bookcase in the manor proper. Batman and his most notable partner, Robin, could exit the Batcave via the Batmobile through a passage that took them to the exterior of the cave. The exit was camouflaged with underbrush as well as a reflective road work barrier that operated on a triggering mechanism of some kind, lowering when the Batmobile needed to get by, and reverting to an upright position when not in use to discourage others from accidentally discovering the secret entrance.

On the original TV series, the Batcave contained an immense nuclear generator, which was used to power the Batmobile among other things. A woman named Molly, who was partnered with the Riddler, infiltrated the Batcave, but when Batman exposed her identity, she tried to escape by climbing up the generator scaffold. Batman tried to get her to come down, but Molly panicked, falling into the generator to her death. [1]

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