Season Two
Batman (1992)
Season Premiere September 13th, 1993
Season Finale May 23rd, 1994
Episode Count 10
Cast Kevin Conroy; Robert Costanzo; Bob Hastings; Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.; Melissa Gilbert; Loren Lester

Season 1



Season Two of Batman: The Animated Series aired on FOX Kids from September 13th, 1993 to May 23rd, 1994, totaling ten episodes.

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Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Shadow of the Bat (Part 1) September 13th, 1993
2x2 Shadow of the Bat (Part 2) September 14th, 1993
2x3 Mudslide September 15th, 1993
2x4 The Worry Men September 16th, 1993
2x5 Paging the Crime Doctor September 17th, 1993
2x6 House & Garden May 2nd, 1994
2x7 Sideshow May 3rd, 1994
2x8 Avatar May 9th, 1994
2x9 Trial May 16th, 1994
2x10 Harlequinade May 23rd, 1994

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