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The Batmobile is a fancy souped-up automobile featured in the Batman multimedia franchise. In some form or fashion, the Batmobile has appeared in every iteration of the Batman concept. The original Batmobile that appeared in the 1966 Batman television series by Greenway Productions was a one-off 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. [1]

Technical specifications Edit

  • Curb weight: 4500 lb
  • Wheelbase: 126 in
  • Length: 226 in
  • Width: 90 in
  • Height: 48 in
  • Fins: 84 in
  • Engine: 390 in³ Ford FE V-8
  • Transmission: B&M C-6 Automatic (2nd transmission)

Features Edit

This Batmobile's gadgets include a nose-mounted aluminum Cable Cutter Blade, Bat Ray Projector, Anti-Theft Device, Detect-a-scope, Batscope, Bat Eye Switch, Antenna Activator, Police Band Cut-In Switch, Automatic Tire Inflation Device, Remote Batcomputer—radio linked to the main Batcomputer in the Batcave, the Batphone, Emergency Bat Turn Lever, Anti-Fire Activator, Bat Smoke, Bat Photoscope, and many other Bat gadgets. If needed, the Batmobile is capable of a quick 180° "bat-turn" thanks to two rear-mounted ten-foot Deist parachutes. The main license plate seen throughout the series was 2F-3567 (1966). Some changes were made during the run of the series, including different license plates (TP-3567; BT-1), removal of the Futura steering wheel and substitution with a 1958 Edsel steering wheel, and the addition of extra gadgets such as a net in the trunk, remote-controlled driving, a rear-facing camera under the turbine exhaust port, and the Bat Ram. [2]

Other devices included:

  • Emergency Bat-turn Lever (releases the Batmobile's parachute that enables quick turns) [3]
  • Bat-ray (capable of many tasks, such as remotely opening quarry's vehicle doors) [4]
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • Mobile Batcomputer (in trunk)
  • Bat Beam
  • Emergency tire inflator
  • Bat Smoke Screen
  • Bat-tering Ram (also known as the Bat-ram, used for knocking down reinforced doors)
  • Voice Control Batmobile Relay Unit
  • Bat-photoscope (works in conjunction with the Microfilm Crime File in the Batcave. Through this device a photo from the crime file can be reproduced remotely in the Batmobile.)
  • Batphone
  • Police band cut-in switch
  • Mobile tracking scope
  • Remote Bat Computer Switch
  • Anti-theft switch

References Edit

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