"You shake a pretty mean cape, Batman."
Batman (1966) 1x01 014

The Bat-Tusi is a modified version of the Watusi dance maneuver. In the original 1966-1968 live-action Batman television series, the Batusi was first executed by Batman, who demonstrated his dancing ability in the series' pilot episode, "Hi Diddle Riddle".

In the episode, Batman went to a trendy discotheque called What a Way to Go-Go while investigating the recent mysterious actions of the Riddler. He ordered an orange juice from the bar (Batman would never drink alcohol while on-duty) and met a young woman named Molly who puzzled him with a riddle. He immediately deduced that she was in league with the Riddler. Unfortunately, so was the bartender, who spiked Batman's orange juice, causing him to use bad judgment. Molly distracted Batman so the Riddler's goons could get their hands on Robin. She seduced him into dancing with her, and Batman impressed the people at the club with his Batusi skills.

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