The Beagle Boys
Beagle Boys

A Beagle family photo, as seen in DuckTales. From left to right: Burger, Baggy, Bouncer, Bigtime, Ma Beagle, Bugle, Bankjob, and Babyface.

First appearance Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issue 134, November 1951
Created by Carl Banks
Voiced by Will Ryan, Frank Welker, Chuck McCann, Peter Cullen, Terry McGovern, Brian Cummings, Pat Fraley,

Don Messick

Ma Beagle, based on the real-life Ma Barker and the mystifications around her, is the mother of the seven common Beagle Boys featured on the show, and the clan matriarch. She often smuggles hand grenades, chainsaws, and other tools in baked goods which easily pass prison security to help her sons escape from jail. Even when she is around, the Beagles never succeed because Scrooge McDuck and his nephews always outwit them. However, in most of the episodes she appears in (especially in the first season), she is able to avoid being arrested along with her sons; that way, she will be able to bust them out the next time she appears. In one episode, she pretended to be "married" to Scrooge so that she could steal his fortune, but her plans were thwarted by both him and his nephews. With Ma, family always comes first - except when it comes to avoiding arrest. She was voiced by actress June Foray, who also voiced Magica De Spell.

Jeff Bennett and Maurice LaMarche as the Current Voice Of The Beagle Boys Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers and Kingdom Hearts

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