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Bears are big, hairy fat-ass mammals that eat fish and honey. When it comes to being at the top of the food chain, you don't get much bigger than a good ole fashioned grizzly bear. Like all animals, there are many different species of bear, some of which, like honey bears, are actually quite docile and are even known to be playful. Then of course there's your polar bears, who are easily distinguished from others by their white fur and their propensity for drinking Coca Cola products. These types of bears thrive in colder climates and can usually be found in the Arctic Circle, or hanging around the North Pole with Santa and all of the elves.

The list of people who have survived a violent encounter with a bear is slim, however occasionally there is a lucky sole who manages to manhandle a bear and lives to tell the tale. Even the Hulk has had some problems with bears on occasion. Of course this is the Lou Ferrigno version of the Hulk from the 1970s Incredible Hulk TV series, who is considerably less powerful than his comic book counterpart. Regardless, the Hulk once had to swap punches with a bear before chucking his ass a mile across a lake. Don't worry, the bear lived. [1]

On the Saturday morning action series The Secrets of Isis, a bear attacked two teenagers named Kevin McCauley and Fabian. The superhero Isis flew down and created a ring of fire around the bear to trap him. She then turned it off and the frightened bear ran away. [2]

On the NBC television series Heroes, the character of Noah Bennet used to call his daughter Claire by the affectionate pet name of "Claire Bear". Though Claire had some remarkable recuperative abilities which might bear some similarity to a bear, she was in fact, by and large, a human.

There are also some breeds of supernatural creatures that bear some similarity to bears. Jagerbars, for example, refers to a race of supernatural creatures featured on the NBC television series Grimm. They are a subspecies of Wesen. They first appeared in the second episode of season one, "Bears Will Be Bears". Jagerbars are essentially werebears and are humanoid in appearance, but can adopt the physical characteristics of a bear including enhanced strength, durability and claws.

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