Bela Lugosi (1882–1956)  is Now Part Of Justin's Version Of the Legendary Culture and News Site Mediamass the Man of 1,000 Faces

Selected FilmographyEdit

1950 The Paul Winchell Show (TV Series)
Count Dracula 1948 Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein Dracula 1945 The Body Snatcher Joseph  1944 One Body Too Many
Merkil  1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Monster  1942 The Corpse Vanishes Dr. George Lorenz 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein Ygor  1941 The Wolf Man Bela  1941 The Black Cat Eduardo Vigos - Gardener  1940 The Devil Bat Dr. Paul Carruthers  1939 Son of Frankenstein Ygor  1932 White Zombie 'Murder' Legendre  1931 Dracula Count Dracula    Extraordinary Tales

Narrator: The Tell-Tale Heart 
2012/IV  Untitled 

The Son of Frankenstein (Short) The Hunchback


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