Bethany Newlin
Bethany Newlin
Series: True Blood
Gender: Female
Notability: Minor character
Location: Dallas, Texas
Relatives: Theodore Newlin [1]
Yvette Newlin [2]
Steve Newlin [3]
Sarah Newlin [4]
Status: Deceased
Born: 2007
Died: 2008
First: "The First Taste"

Bethany Newlin is a fictional child, and a minor character featured in the HBO supernatural drama series True Blood. She was referenced in the second episode of season one, "The First Taste". The character has never made an actual appearance in the series.

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Bethany Newlin was the daughter of Reverend Theodore Newlin and his wife Yvette. She was born sometime in 2007. In 2008, a group of unidentified vampires led by Stan Baker murdered the Newlin family, including Bethany. Their deaths were made to look like an automobile accident. Steve Newlin was the only survivor and focused his need for revenge into the religious group known as the Fellowship of the Sun.

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Appearances Edit

  1. True Blood: The First Taste (Referenced only)

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  1. Father; Reverend of the Fellowship of the Sun; deceased; perished in the same accident that killed Bethany.
  2. Mother; deceased; perished in the same accident that killed Bethany.
  3. Older brother; Became the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun following his father's death. Eventually became a vampire and met the True Death.
  4. Aunt; former wife of Steve Newlin; alive, but forced to live as a blood-slave at Fangtasia.