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Series: Doctor Who
Gender: Female
Notability: Recurring character
Occupation: Freedom fighter
Race: Thal
Location: Skaro
Status: Alive
First: "Genesis of the Daleks (Part 4)"
Final: "Genesis of the Daleks (Part 6)"
Actor: Harriet Philpin

Bettan is a fictional humanoid alien and a minor recurring character featured in the original Doctor Who television series. She was played by actress Harriet Philpin and appeared in the six-part serial, "Genesis of the Daleks" from series twelve in 1975, featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. She appeared in chapters four, five, and six.

History Edit

Bettan was a member of a race called the Thals, who hailed from the planet Skaro. The Thals were engaged in a thousand-year-war with their enemies, the Kaleds. Bettan was present for the close of the war when Kaled leader Davros, betrayed his own people and sought to exterminate both races through his newly created cyborg army, the Daleks.

Bettan encountered the time-traveling Fourth Doctor on the night that the Kaled city-dome came crashing down. She asked him about his companions, who were still inside the city walls when it collapsed. Bettan and the Doctor narrowly avoided being killed in the first wave of Daleks that entered the Thal city. The later split up and the Doctor sent a muto named Sevrin to find Bettan. [1]

Bettan and Sevrin led Thal resistance fighters into the Kaled bunker. They were carrying their own supply of explosives and began placing them at strategic points throughout the bunker. Sevrin took off to warn the Doctor and his friends, and Bettan tried to give him enough time to find them and get out before the explosions began. Once satisfied that the Doctor and the others were safe, Bettan gave the order to detonate the explosives. Although the Thals proved triumphant on that day in their battle against the Daleks, the Doctor knew that they had only stalled the development of the Dalek race by a thousand years at best. [2]

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