1994 Betty TaylorEdit

Betty Taylor starred as Sluefoot Sue (paramour to Wally Boag’s Pecos Bill) in Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe Revue. She appeared in nearly 45,000 performances of the show in a run of more than 31 years. She was such an audience favorite that she was sometimes called on to take the show outside the Park. She and the rest of the troupe made a 1968 USO tour of Greenland and Newfoundland, and Walt asked her to do a variation of her Disneyland routine (with actor Ed Wynn) on an episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.  *



What an amazing feat. TheEdit

by Gary Wright - 12/01/2010 - 7:58amWhat an amazing feat. The true old-school talent who moved with the show from CA to FL, put in all the sweat and toll - only to be put on retirement when the show closed (with little notice) with the only honor to get this award alongside other musical actresses who just did a few days of studio voice over work in order to achieve the same recognition. Her spirit lives on in so many who were entranced with her live flesh n blood singing & improvisation which made the immediacy of stage performance so thrilling. Other than being a boy staring down on her from the side box or sitting on the ground floor peering at her from between the footlights - I just wish I could have graduated to being the bald headed older man who got entitled to getting the kiss on my head that so many men received during her big number which brought her out & down off the stage.

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