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Big Alice was the name ascribed to a breed of Allosaurus dinosaur featured in the 1974-1977 children's television series Land of the Lost. Like all the dinosaurs featured in the series, Big Alice was brought to life through puppetry and stop-motion animation.

Big Alice was a large Allosaurus and a native denizen of the interdimensional world known as the "Land of the Lost". A voracious carnivore, Big Alice had very few natural predators. However, she frequently found herself warring against her dinosaur rival Grumpy, a Tyrannosaurus that hunted in the same territorial region as Alice. The two dinosaurs rarely came to direct blows with one another, but would often square off against one another on either side of a deep crevasse that seperated High Bluff from the Lost City.

On one occasion, the Marshall family were fleeing from a trio of Sleestaks when they came upon Big Alice during one of her feedings. While attempting to shoot Rick Marshall with a crossbow bolt, the Sleestaks accidentally struck Alice in the foreleg instead. Irritated by the attack, Alice abandoned her meal and chased after the Sleestaks. [1]

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An Allosaurus was also featured in the 2009 film version of Land of the Lost. Though it is never referred to by name, it is likely intended to represent the Big Alice character. In the film, the Allosaurus eats Rick Marshall's tachyon amplifier then proceeds to chase him across dangerous terrain. Rick uses a catapult and fires a nitrogen tank into the dinosaur's mouth which causes it to flash freeze and then crumble into pieces from its own weight.

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