Big Wolf on Campus is a comedy television series that aired on the Fox Family Channel from 1999 to 2001.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]Edit

Tommy: What's up man, you new here?
Merton: No, Tommy. I'm Merton Dingle. We've had lockers next to each other since kindergarden.

Tommy: Listen, you've gotta help me man. I'm not evil, I'm just... hairy.

Becky: Tommy Dawkins, you are supposed to be cool? What are you doing here?
Tommy: I am a... friend of your brothers.
Merton & Becky: Really?!

The Bookmobile [1.02][edit]Edit

Merton: The librarian is a palm scanning human book absorbtionist. OK, that's not the latin name for it, but she's turning people into books.

Butch Comes to Shove [1.03][edit]Edit

Security guard: Detention is the cornerstone on which the cathedral of discipline is built.

Tommy: The twist? A malted? I've got to send this guy back to where he belongs.

Tommy: I guess I'm just going to have to handle this myself. As Tommy Dawkins.
Merton kicks Tommy in the groin and Tommy turns into a werewolf.
Merton: You know, just in case.

The Pleasantville Strangler [1.06][edit]Edit

Merton: The strangler always sang ring around the rozy before he tried to strangle somebody.
Tommy: Yeah, well, you know. I hope Stacey doesn't think these are hickies.

Stage Fright [1.07][edit]Edit

Becky: That was the lamest thing I've seen since Meet Joe Black.

That Swamp Thing You Do! [1.08][edit]Edit

Muffy the Werewolf Slayer [1.09][edit]Edit

Stalk Like an Egyptian [1.10][edit]Edit

Flugelhoff! [1.11][edit]Edit

Invisible Merton [1.12][edit]Edit

Tommy': You cheated on Dungeons & Dragons?

Merton: Alastair Black put a spell on me, that's how! That goth-poser-warlock-wannabe!
Tommy: He is obviously not a goth-poser-warlock-wannabe when he made you hand disappear.
Merton: Oh, you are just saying that because you're his Vicepresident!

Merton: When I'm totally invisible, I'm totally invisible FOREVER!
Tommy: Don't worry man. I mean you think of something. You got a good head on your shoulders.
Merton: Unfortunately... that's all I have!

The Exor-Sis [1.20][edit]Edit

Merton bumps into Tommy wearing a straight-jacket
Tommy: Let me guess, T'n'T.
Merton: Third time this week. I'm a senior getting stuffed into lockers. I'd have to check with the folks of Guinness, but I think that makes me the world's biggest LOSER!

Merton: You know what really gets me, ever since your first transformation I been there for you. I helped keeping your secret, I looked for cures. The flea bath?!
Tommy: Wait a second Merton, I think guilt makes me wolf-out!
Merton: Yeah, but I've never complained, because I ever thought that someday you would be there for me. But no.

Merton: Becky what is wrong with you? Did the Backstreet Boys break up?

Don't Fear the Reaper [1.21][edit]Edit

Game Over [1.22][edit]Edit

Season 2[edit]Edit

Imaginary Fiend [2.08][edit]Edit

Merton: Clue! I used to love this game. Vince and I played this all the time. And to keep things interesting we award extra points for the really creative murderer.
Tommy: Who is Vince?
Merton: He was my imaginary friend.

Vince: It's Vince, in the lair, with the lead pipe. And it's playtime!

Vince: You locked Vince up in that chest too, little buddy. But no hurt feelings, Vince is back and it's p-p-p-playtime!
Merton: I don't wanna p-p-p-play with my imaginary friend!

Merton: It's Merton, in the lair, freaking out!

The Manchurian Werewolf [2.13][edit]Edit

Merton: Don't know what I did to make you go wolfy, but I do apologies, You can de-wolf now!

Merton: Tommy you just wolfed out and tried to kill me!
Tommy: What? I would never hurt you, you are like my best friend.
Merton: Really? Thanks man. Wait a minute, you just did attacked me!

Merton: Tommy, would it mean anything to you when I would said the words, pizza's here?

Manchu: Part Deux [2.14][edit]Edit

Merton: I shouldn't even be here, you know. She is your girlfriend, not mine! She never was particular nice to me.

Merton licks on stones
Tommy: Dude if you are hungry, I've got that chicken sandwich. It smells funky, but...
Merton: I'm not eating the rocks, Tommy! I'm tasting them.

External links[edit]Edit

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