Bionic Bigfoot
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Bionic Bigfoot
Aliases: Bigfoot
Series: Bionic Woman
The Six Million Dollar Man
Notability: Antagonist
Race: Sasquatch
Location: California
Status: Alive
First: "The Secret of Bigfoot (Part 1)"
Actor: Andre the Giant
Ted Cassidy

Bigfoot, sometimes referred to as Bionic Bigfoot, is a fictional Sasquatch and a recurring antagonist featured in the ABC television series The Six Million Dollar Man, as well as its spin-off series The Bionic Woman. Originally played by professional wrestler André the Giant, he was introduced in the season three episode of the The Six Million Dollar Man, "The Secret of Bigfoot (Part 1)". In later episodes, Bigfoot was portrayed by The Addams Family actor Ted Cassidy, best known for playing Lurch on that series.

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