Season One
Bionic Woman
Bionic Woman 1x10 014
Season Premiere January 14th, 1976
Season Finale May 26th, 1976
Episode Count 14
Cast Lindsay Wagner; Richard Anderson



Season 2

Season One of The Bionic Woman aired on ABC from January 21st to May 26th, 1976, comprising fourteen one-hour episodes of the series. The show starred Lindsay Wagner as the eponymous super-cyborg, Jaime Sommers, aka the Bionic Woman, who was originally introduced in a two-part episode from season two of The Six Million Dollar Man. The show also starred SMDM alumni Richard Anderson in the role of OSI administrator Oscar Goldman.

Episodes Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x0 Welcome Home, Jaime (Part 1) January 14th, 1976
1x1 Welcome Home, Jaime (Part 2) January 21st, 1976
1x2 Angel of Mercy January 28th, 1976
1x3 A Thing of the Past February 18th, 1976
1x4 Claws February 25th, 1976
1x5 The Deadly Missiles March 3rd, 1976
1x6 Bionic Beauty March 17th, 1976
1x7 Jaime's Mother March 24th, 1976
1x8 Winning is Everything April 7th, 1976
1x9 Canyon of Death April 14th, 1976
1x10 Fly Jaime May 5th, 1976
1x11 The Jailing of Jaime May 12th, 1976
1x12 Mirror Image May 19th, 1976
1x13 The Ghost Hunter May 26th, 1976

Cast Edit

Principal cast Edit

Actor Role
Lindsay Wagner Jaime Sommers
Richard Anderson Oscar Goldman

Guest stars Edit

Actor Role
Martin E. Brooks Doctor Rudy Wells
Lee Majors Steve Austin
Martha Scott Helen Elgin
Gary Collins John Mallory
William Schallert Bill Elgin
Tippi Hedren Susan Victor

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  • The first part of "Welcome Home, Jaime" is often regarded as a Six Million Dollar Man episode. Later airings affixed the traditional Bionic Woman opening credit sequence.

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