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Bizarro Supergirl
Supergirl 1x12 005
Bizarro Supergirl
Aliases: Bizarro
Series: Supergirl
Notability: Antagonist
Occupation: Supervillain
Location: National City, California
Status: Inactive
First: "Blood Bonds"
Final: "Bizarro"
Actor: Hope Lauren

Bizarro Supergirl is a fictional powered super-villain and an antagonist featured in the licensed properties of DC Comics. She is part of the Superman comic book franchise and appeared in the CBS television Supergirl, where she was played by actress Hope Lauren. Originally identified only as "comatose woman", Bizarro Supergirl first appeared in the episode "Blood Bonds". She also appeared in "Childish Things", and then became the costumed villain in "Bizarro".

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