Title: Black-ish
Format: Live-action
Genres: Comedy
Running time: 30 min.
country: USA
Network: ABC
Seasons: 3+
Episodes: 50+
Production company: Wilmore Films
ABC Studios
Khalabo Ink Society
Cinema Gypsy Productions
Principato-Young Entertainment
Executive producers: Anthony Anderson; Laurence Fishburne; Corey Nickerson
Producers: Lindsey Shockley; Jenifer Rice-Genzuk; Peter Saji; Scott Weinger; John Hoberg; Kat Likkel
Principal cast: Anthony Anderson; Tracee Ellis Ross; Yara Shahidi; Marcus Scribner; Miles Brown; Marsai Martin; Jeff Meacham; Jenifer Lewis; Peter Mackenzie
Air dates
First aired: September 24th, 2014

Black-ish, sometimes spelled as Blackish, is an American situation comedy series created by Kenya Barris. It was produced by Khalabo Ink Society and Cinema Gypsy Productions and began airing on ABC on September 24th, 2014. The premise of the series revolves around the Johnsons - an upper-class black family living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The head of the family is Andre "Dre" Johnson - a successful ad executive who is married to a prominent surgeon named Rainbow "Bow" Johnson. They have four kids: Andre Johnson, Jr., usually just called Junior, who is a teenager and the second oldest member of the Johnson children; Zoey Johnson, also a teenager, and the oldest female, and Jack & Diane, who are twins. The Johnsons are often visited by their parents, "Pops" Johnson and his ex-wife, Ruby.

Black-ish stars Anthony Anderson as Dre Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross as Bow Johnson, Marcus Scribner as Andre "Junior" Johnson, Miles Brown as Jack Johnson, Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson, and Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson. The series also stars Jenifer Lewis as Ruby, Peter Mackenzie as Mister Stevens, and Jeff Meacham as Josh, the last two of whom are Dre's co-workers at the ad agency.

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