Bob Papenbrook September 18, 1955 San Diego, California, USA Other names Jay Hopper Robert DeWayne Papenbrook Robert D. Papenbrook, Bob Pappenbrook, Robert Pappenbrook, John Smallberries John Stephenson? John Winfield Stephenson John Stevenson

Red Source Of Evil  and Probally Others Charmed

Digimon: - Daemon/ShogunGekomon/Red Greymon/Additional Voices Dinozaurs - Gigano Dragon Flint the Time Detective - Rocky Hammerhead Heat Guy J - J Rurouni Kenshin - Koshijirou Kamiya/others Tenchi Muyo Tenchi's Father Katsuhito Masaki/Yosho Tenchi's Grandmather Nobuyuki Masaki/others Big Bad Beetleborgs Shadowborg Borgslayer (shared voice role with Dave Mallow) and others

Mike (sporting goods store clerk; only on-screen role in Power Rangers franchise and lots voices in Power Rangers Too)
Mr. Slate AND OTHERS Flintstones
 Fancy-Fancy on Top Cat

Creeper/Frankenstein/Black Knight Ghost/The Specter/others Even Sound Effects Scooby Doo Making the Mel Blanc Of Scooby Doo Hairy Scary on Casper Professor X in Pryde of the X-Men

Magneto  1970s Fantastic Four).