A bodyguard is a hired professional whose job is to provide privatized security services for an individual, a group or a place of business. Since physical violence often plays a hand in private security, it is always a benefit if the bodyguard in question is of significant size and/or musculature. Prodigious girth is not all that's required to be an effective bodyguard however. Skill in certain types of weaponry and Hand-to-Hand Combat is also beneficial. Many bodyguards hail from a military background, so they are well-equipped to deal with various forms of conventional danger. In live-action media, bodyguards are often portrayed by stunt performers.

Characters Edit

Character Series
John Diggle Arrow
Mercy Graves Superman: The Animated Series
Pantherman Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Raiga Suhon Defiance
Tigerman Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Actors Edit

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