Walking Dead 3x16 007

Bowman is a fictional soldier and a recurring minor character featured in the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. He was played by actor Travis Love. Also identified as Shumpert, he appeared in season three of the series and made eleven appearances in total.

Bowman was a large black man and a resident of Woodbury. He was one of the Governor's muscle men and was usually seen guarding the perimeter along with Caesar Martinez. Bowman was present during the Governor's initial raid on the West Georgia Correctional Facility, and used a mounted machine gun to tear through walkers roaming the perimeter. Bowman was also present later when the Governor turned his anger against his own people, gunning down a dozen innocent civilians. Like Martinez, Bowman said nothing and chose to stay in line with the Governor's initiative or else risk his own life. (WD: Welcome to the Tombs)

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