Brad Wheeler
Incredible Hulk 4x13 005
Brad Wheeler
Series: The Incredible Hulk
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Occupation: Antagonist
Location: Vissaria, California
Status: Deceased
Died: 1981
First: "The First (Part 2)"
Actor: Edward Walsh

Brad Wheeler is a fictional bar tough and a minor antagonist featured in the original 1977-1982 superhero/action series The Incredible Hulk on CBS. Played by actor Edward Walsh, he appeared in the thirteenth episode from season four, "The First (Part 2)".

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Brad Wheeler was a middle-aged man who lived in the town of Vissaria, California in the early 1980s. He was friends with a business owner named Earl, and would often hang out at Earl's General Store, which was also a bar. Brad was one of several locals who would poke fun at an elderly man with Arthritis named Dell Frye.

On one occasion, Dell came into Earl's for a drink and Brad began tossing mean-spirited comments in Dell's direction. The laughter of his friends only spurned him on. To the surprise of everyone, Dell actually stood up to Brad's barbs and even splashed his beer into the larger man's face. Brad was about to take retribution upon him when Sheriff Carl Decker came into the bar and put a stop to everything.

Later, Dell came into Earl's a second time and tried to order a beer. Brad kept quiet out of fear of reprisal from the sheriff. When Earl refused to sell Dell a beer, the old man took Brad's drink and dumped it across his boot. Brad finally had enough and punched Dell several times, ultimately sending him crashing through a door into a storeroom. Dell's anger triggered a metamorphosis and he turned into a tall, lanky green-skinned creature. He burst out of the storeroom and began roaring and waving his hands wildly. Brad ducked behind the bar, but the creature grabbed him and threw him through the window, killing him. [1]

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