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Brandon James
Brandon James
Brandon James
Aliases: Ghostface
Series: Scream: The Series
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Location: Lakewood, California
Relatives: Maggie Duval [1]
Piper Shaw [2]
Troy James [3]
Status: Unknown
Died: 1994 [4]
First: "Pilot" [5]
"Wanna Play a Game?" [6]

Brandon James is a fictional psychopath featured in the Scream: The Series television program on MTV. The character is more of a plot device than anything else, and is only ever referenced on the show, or seen in flashback. A photograph of the character is presented in season one.

Biography Edit

Brandon James was born sometime in the late 1970s with severe facial deformities, perhaps even a form of Cutis laxa, or Pachydermatocele (Elephant Man syndrome). He attended school at Lakewood High School in California. Because of his features, Brandon James was the target of severe bullying from other students. The only one who was ever kind to him was a girl named Daisy, who lived next door to him. Daisy and Brandon even had a one-time sexual affair together at a local bowling alley, which ultimately produced a child.

Having suffered unending taunts and jeers, something in Brandon James just snapped. He donned a unique surgical mask that he would occasionally wear and slaughtered five students at Lakewood High. The one surviving member of the massacre was Daisy's boyfriend, Kevin Duval. The frightened Brandon sought comfort from Daisy and met with her at their special place at Lake Wren. Police officers responded to the incident and opened fire on him on the dock of the lake. Brandon James' fell into the lake, presumably dead, but his body was never found.

Daisy soon gave birth to Brandon's daughter, who would grow up to take the name Piper Shaw.

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  • Brandon James does not have a counterpart in the original Scream film series.

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References Edit

  1. Lover; survivor.
  2. Daughter; the 2nd Ghostface; deceased.
  3. Brother.
  4. As per season one, it is unclear whether or not Brandon James actually died after being shot and falling into Lake Wren. It is known however, that his body was never recovered.
  5. Referenced by name only.
  6. Flashback to the original massacre.