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this wiki <img src="" alt="Bug-a-boo" class="thumbimage " data-image-key="Bug-a-boo.jpg" data-image-name="Bug-a-boo.jpg" width="274" height="217" > Bug-a-boo is Scary Godmother's roommate that works under kids' beds and scares them. Despite his menacing appearance he is very sweet and wins over Hannah who is initially scared of him.





Bug-A-Boo is a big, round monster with fur, horns, a big mouth, shape teeth and lots of yellow eyes. 

Scary Godmother: Halloween SpooktacularEditEdit

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of JimmyEditEdit


<img style="" src="" title="Hannah and Bug-a-boo under the bed.jpg (14 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Hannah and Bug-a-boo under the bed" data-image-name="Hannah and Bug-a-boo under the bed.jpg" data-image-key="Hannah_and_Bug-a-boo_under_the_bed.jpg"><img style="" src="" title="Hannah and bugaboo.jpg (35 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Hannah and bugaboo" data-image-name="Hannah and bugaboo.jpg" data-image-key="Hannah_and_bugaboo.jpg"><img style="" src="" title="Bugaboo.jpg (22 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Bugaboo" data-image-name="Bugaboo.jpg" data-image-key="Bugaboo.jpg"><img style="" src="" title="Bug-a-boo.jpg (16 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Bug-a-boo" data-image-name="Bug-a-boo.jpg" data-image-key="Bug-a-boo.jpg"><img style="" src="" title="Jimmy on Bug-A-Boo list.jpg (16 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Jimmy on Bug-A-Boo list" data-image-name="Jimmy on Bug-A-Boo list.jpg" data-image-key="Jimmy_on_Bug-A-Boo_list.jpg"> Add a photo to this gallery<link rel="stylesheet" href="" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="" />Retrieved from ""Categories:*Fright Side residents

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Anonymous User Log in?   Loading editor  * I know he's kind of big and scary, but he's such an awesome monster!

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