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A business owner is someone who owns a business.

Characters Edit

Character Series
Abraham Setrakian The Strain
Ally Mayfair-Richards American Horror Story
Arlene Fowler True Blood
Bibbo Bibbowski Superman: The Animated Series
Catherine Weaver Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Devon Buckley The Gates
Duke Crocker Haven
Elizabeth Matheson She-Wolf of London
Ethan Conant The Secret Circle
Fred Sanford Sanford and Son
Gideon Goddard Mr. Robot
Henry Matheson She-Wolf of London
Howard Stark Agent Carter
Ivy Mayfair-Richards American Horror Story
James March American Horror Story
Lachlan Weaver Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Lamont Sanford Sanford and Son
Lex Luthor Lois & Clark/Smallville
Marie Laveau American Horror Story
Max Fuller Arrow
Melinda Gordon Ghost Whisperer
Nell Potter Smallville
Quark Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rio Incredible Hulk (1982)
Rose Greer Smallville
Sam Merlotte True Blood
Thomas Wayne Gotham

Notes Edit

  • Store owner redirects to this page. This is what actor Zuhair Haddad is identified as in the "Human for a Day" episode of Supergirl. In the episode, the store owner is accosted by a looter during an earthquake, until Supergirl arrives and talks him into surrendering his gun to her.

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