C.C. McNamara
Wonderbug 1x01 003
C.C. McNamara
Series: Wonderbug
Gender: Male
Notability: Main character
Location: California
Status: Alive
First: "Go West, Young Schlepcar"
Actor: John-Anthony Bailey

C.C. McNamara is a fictional youth and one of the three main characters featured on the Saturday morning television series Wonderbug, which aired on ABC from 1976 to 1977. He was played by actor John-Anthony Bailey and first appeared in the series pilot episode, "Go West, Young Schlepcar". C.C. McNamara appeared in all twenty-two 15-minute episodes of the show.

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John-Anthony Bailey Passed away in 1994 of Bladder Cancer in Los Angeles, CA at the age of 47. A loving father of 2 (adopted) children and like many of the characters he played, genuine and hilarious.

He was quite fond of Wonderbug and enjoyed being able to share the gangs crazy antics with his young daughter (who was born during the shows run).

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  1. Wonderbug: Go West, Young Schlepcar
  2. Wonderbug: The Maltese Gooneybird

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