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Caesar Martinez' group refers to a fictional group of zombie apocalypse survivors featured in the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. There have been various pocket groups of survivors featured throughout the series, but this one refers to the people seen in season four of the series.

Following the fall of Woodbury and the Governor's first siege on the West Georgia Correctional Facility, the residents of the town split into different factions. Many of the refugees were absorbed into the group led by Rick Grimes and began living at the prison.

Caesar Martinez, formerly the right-hand man to the Governor, cut ties with his former partner and formed his own group of survivors. Among them were a woman named Alisha and the brothers Pete and Mitch Dolgen.

The Governor eventually befriended the Chambler family, which consisted of Lilly Chambler, her daughter Meghan Chambler and her sister, Tara Chambler. When the Governor reunited with Caesar Martinez, the Chamblers became part of the survivor group. The Governor, ultimately betrayed Martinez' group, murdering Pete Dolgen and ultimately killing Martinez himself. Afterward, he took the remainder of Martinez' group, as well as the Chamblers and staged a second assault on the prison. Casualties ran high on both sides and the only to survive from this faction was Tara Chambler, who went on to join Rick's group.

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