Caleb Calhoun
Caleb Calhoun
Caleb Calhoun
Series: Bates Motel
Gender: Male
Notability: Supporting character
Location: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Relatives: Norma Bates [1]
Dylan Massett [2]
Norman Bates [3]
Status: Alive
First: "Shadow of a Doubt"
Actor: Kenny Johnson
Travis Breure [4]

Caleb Calhoun is a fictional marijuana farmer and gun runner and a recurring character on the A&E television series Bates Motel. Played by actor Kenny Johnson, he first appeared in the season two episode, "Shadow of a Doubt". He made three appearances in that season. With season three, Kenny Johnson was bumped up to main character status and became a regular on the series.

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Caleb Calhoun is the brother of Norma Bates. When they were teenagers, Caleb raped Norma and left her pregnant. He is the father and uncle of Dylan Massett, and the uncle of Norma's second child, Norman Bates. The traumatic incident obviously drew a wedge between brother and sister, and they spent years apart, never speaking to one another.

In 2014, Caleb Calhoun tracked his sister and son down to White Pine Bay, Oregon. At the time, Dylan was unaware that Caleb was his father. The family reunion was less than friendly, but Caleb sought to make amends for the sins of his past. He began bonding with Dylan and helping him out at his marijuana farm. Eventually, Dylan learned the truth about Caleb, and although he was revolted by him, his innate good nature allowed his father to stay within close proximity of him. Over time, Dylan began to see Caleb as a father figure.

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  • The character of Caleb Calhoun is exclusive to the continuity of the Bates Motel television series. He has no counterpart in the Psycho film series.

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  1. Sister. Owner of the Bates Motel and mother of Caleb's son by way of a rape.
  2. Illegitimate son and nephew.
  3. Nephew. Manager of the Bates Motel and budding psychopath.
  4. Actor Travis Breure played 13-year-old Caleb in "The Deal".