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Captain Cold
Smallville 10x20 002
Captain Cold
Aliases: Captain Cold [1]
Leonard Snart [2]
Continuity: Smallville
Gender: Male
Notability: Minor character
Race: Human
Location: Metropolis
Status: Alive
First: "Prophecy"

Captain Cold is a fictional assassin and a minor character featured in the CW Network television series Smallville. He appeared in a brief scene with no dialogue in the twentieth episode of season ten, "Prophecy". This is the only appearance of the character.

Biography Edit

Almost nothing is known about this mysterious man save that he was an assassin hired by Winslow Schott and was an associate of Marionette Ventures and part of his self-styled "Legion of Doom". He wore a thick blue parka with white fur on the hood.

Schott put together a forum of villains and gave them assignment to track down and kill associates of Clark Kent. This man was given the task of killing the young super-speedster Bart Allen, though he never succeeded in this duty. [3]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The DC Comics version of Captain Cold first appeared in the second story in Showcase #8 in June, 1957 titled, "The Coldest Man on Earth!".
  • Captain Cold is never identified by name in the actual episode. This database is making the assumption that he shares the same identity as his DC Comics counterpart.
  • The actor who portrays Captain Cold is unidentified and unknown.

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  1. This man is never identified as Captain Cold on Smallville. The code name is taken from visual cues which bear similarities to the look of Captain Cold as seen in issues of The Flash comic book series by DC Comics.
  2. Leonard Snart is the civilian name of Captain Cold in DC Comics continuity. He is never identified by this name on Smallville.
  3. Smallville: Prophecy