Includes a running list of characters who are only known by the name of Carter.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Edit

Terminator 1x04 024

Carter was a humanoid Terminator of the T-888 series. He was programmed by Skynet to go back in time to the year 2007 in order to stockpile the valuable Coltan metal alloy, which is essential to the construction of Terminators and is in short supply in the future.

Carter assembled a team of mercenaries and they hijacked a shipment of Coltan from the Port of Los Angeles. They brought it to Depot 37 at McGuire Gunnery Range, which was fated to one day become the primary manufacturing plant for Terminators. Once all of the Coltan was secured, Carter no longer had any need for his workers, so the thanked them for their service and shot them in cold blood. After which, he sealed the blast doors to the complex and went on standby, standing as an unmoving guardian of the Coltan. One of his cronies however, Mike, was still present. He began questioning Carter about the money he was owed, at which point, Carter activated and took Mike by the throat. Mike tried to fight him off by shooting him in the face. The bullet tore through the skin, revealing some of Carter's metallic skull beneath. Mike gasped, "What are you?", not understanding that the man who had him was actually a Terminator. Carter then killed Mike by snapping his neck.

Shortly thereafter, Sarah Connor and Cameron Phillips entered the facility (Sarah's son, John was already inside). While Sarah helped John get to an Army truck, Cameron fought the Terminator. The fight distracted Carter long enough for Sarah and John to start the vehicle. Before they could drive off however, Carter appeared in front of the vehicle and began pushing them back. John gunned the accelerator, running Carter over. Cameron then pushed him back inside Depot 37 and sealed the blast door, presumably trapping him forever.

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