Casper Performer(s): Cecil Roy aKA Malachi Pearson Jeremy Foley Brendon Ryan Barrett Devon Werkheiser and Devon Sawa SHe Probally Went Under These Names Do Doing Casper For Over 50 Years Mae Questel/Norma MacMillan/Julie McWhirter?

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Publication information

Publisher Famous Studios (animation) Harvey Comics (comic books)

First appearance The Friendly Ghost (1939 children's book and 1945 animated cartoon)

Created by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo

In-story information

Full name Casper McFadden (1995 film)

Species Ghost (deceased human in most versions) Actors: Chauncey Leopardi, Spencer Vrooman, Malachi Pearson, Cathy Moriarty, Eric Idle Directors: Brad Silberling