CatCo Plaza is in the center of the downtown district of National City. It is the location of the corporate headquarters of CatCo Worldwide Media, and is where Cat Grant maintains her main office. Kara Danvers, James Olsen and Winn Schott all work at CatCo Plaza. Former employees include Lucy Lane and Siobhan Smythe. When the Kryptonian villain Non engaged the Myriad protocol, it took control of the minds of most people in the city. Non forced James Olsen, Winn Schott and an office worker named Kelly to walk out onto the terrace and leap to their deaths. Supergirl was fast enough to save Olsen and Schott, but she did not have time to rescue Kelly as well, who plummeted to her death in the middle of CatCo Plaza. (Supergirl: Myriad)

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